Anonymous and FEMEN Activists Unite Forces to Support Ukrainian Protesters

It has always been clear to us that all governments are corrupted, and Ukraine is no exception. Split between the Russian and the European Union influence, it’s no doubt that there are a multitude of selfish forces at play fighting for influence in, and control of, the people of Ukraine and their national wealth. With this leak we now have proof that such power games happen. But, our effort to uncover corruption and injustice is nothing compared to the activists in Ukraine who are shedding blood on the steets fighting for their country, their dignity and their destiny. It is without question that we need to join forces with the people of Ukraine and help them in their fight. Thus, #OpUkraine was born during which Anonymous disrupted Ukrainian government websites to show their support.

Since November 21, protestors have gathered in #Euromaidan Square in Kyiv, with estimates of the crowd reaching over 500,000. We have seen this before. In 2004, the same sized crowd took to the streets in Kyiv, and in multiple other cities, to protest the corruption and disregard for the people exemplified by Viktor Yanukovych and his machine. History is repeating itself.

How did Ukraine’s government react to the justifiable outrage and disappointment of those who have taken to Maidan Nezalezhnosti? They told everyone they had 2 days to leave and then sent in police forces to attempt to maintain government control. But this time, it’s not going to work. We are fed up with this. #Euromaidan is now more than a protest. It’s a movement. And it’s about to become unstoppable.

We have been in contact with Xenia Chernyshova, leader of North American FEMEN movement, who’s from Ukraine. She explained how the corrupted government is manipulating information, jailing activists, censoring online resources, controlling the media, etc. Aditionally, she provided us with the following statement:

"To all the international media: Urgent! There is very important information that requires maximum dissemination. Ukrainian authorities plan to push Ukrainians at each other in order to get an excuse to use radical measures. They are bringing dozens of thousands of people from Eastern Ukraine to a paid rally in Kyiv in support of Yanukovych, which will then be attacked by provocateurs-titushki with hammers and masks having symbols of the EU and opposition parties. The provocation and fight will be something like the one under the Presidential Administration on December 1st but much larger and more bloody. The purpose is to organize a clash of miners delivered to Kyiv with the people in Maidan, to оrganize mass civil unrest in Kyiv and to introduce a state of emergency without the “Berkut” and internal forces.

"Euromaidanivtsi, our diligence, prudence and ability to control emotions is more important than ever these days!

"East and West – together! Our common enemy is the current government! We will not allow the bloodshed of innocent people!"

We will not sit by and stand idle while we watch another movement like Occupy Wall Street, The Arab Springs, Idle No More, etc. suffer injury and brutalization at the hands of a government paid goon squad acting on behalf of spoiled elites who are increasingly frightened by the very people they are supposed to serve, but are all too happy to walk on or exploit. It is now time for the people to claim back the power! This time Anonymous and FEMEN are making the stand together!

To all Anons : It is time to fire your canons! Make your stand. Protect the people. Take down the government! Spread the word!
To all FEMENs : Tits or GTFO!!!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

And we have an army of gorgeous woman activists!

IRC: #OpUkraine
Onion address : 6dvj6v5imhny3anf.onion

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