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We’re coming for Fox News: “America is a very dangerous land for women …

Amid the brouhaha that followed, one of “Announo’s” guests declared his outrage at the “offense” given to the Catholic Church and the pope and stormed off the set, ignoring the host’s request to stay and Shevchenko’s plea for a frank dialogue about religion.  Shevchenko then handed the mic to another of her activists, who announced that “Femen fucks Putin!  Femen fucks Berlusconi!  Femen fucks the pope, but with a condom!”  After that, the women showered the stage with condoms and walked out.Femen’s manner of protesting has not proved to everyone’s liking, to put it mildly, >>>

Topless pro-abort fined $1500 after jumping on altar during Cologne Cathedral’s …

The topless protester with the notorious feminist group Femen who disrupted Christmas Eve Mass in Cologne, Germany, last year by jumping on top of the altar with the words “I am God” scrawled across her torso, stood trial on Wednesday in the western German city, charged with "disturbance of the free practice of religion." While Josephine Witt faced up to three years in jail, in the end she was fined the equivalent of about 1,500 USD. "This was a particularly serious disturbance of a church service and we very much appreciate that the court sent a clear signal," Cologne Cathedral provost Norbert >>>

Court fines Femen activist for Cologne Christmas protest

The Cologne District Court found Josephine Witt guilty on Wednesday on the charge of "disturbance of religious practice" and fined her 1,200 euros ($1,480). The Hamburg student, now 21 years old, had painted the words "I am God" on her chest and scaled the altar of the Cologne Cathedral on December 25, 2013. Jumping on the altar was a show of freedom of expression, Witt said. "I did not want to harass anyone," she added. "Even Jesus is hanging half naked on the cross." Judge Gerd Krämer called Witt's deed "targeted ideological expression" and said she had "deliberately and grossly disturbed worship." >>>

Doc Festival Goes on Despite Culture Minister Calling Head ‘Anti-Russian’

ArtDocFest, Russia's premiere documentary film festival, which runs Dec. 9-17, opens amid controversy following Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky's public refusal to grant state support for the festival for allegedly "anti-state" remarks made by its director Vitaly Mansky. "No single project of Mansky, including ArtDocFest, will ever receive any money as long as I am a culture minister," Medinsky was quoted as saying by Interfax last month. Pro-Kremlin media followed suit, condemning Mansky for his allegedly "anti-Russian" stance. "Bravo, Vladimir Rostislavovich [Medinsky]! >>>

Topless Femen activist goes on trial in Cologne

Almost a year after Josephine Witt climbed topless onto the altar of Cologne Cathedral during a Christmas mass, the member of the radical feminist protest group Femen stood trial on Wednesday in the western German city. The 21-year-old is facing charges of the disturbance of the free practice of religion - a crime which, if found guilty, could see her imprisoned for up to three years. In protest against the Catholic Church and its hierarchy, Witt stood half naked with the words "I am God" written across her chest and stomach. Immediately after her bare protest, Witt told press agency dpa: "Cologne >>>

Femen protest against Pope’s visit to European Parliament

Disclaimer Please note: the text contained in "Femen protest against Pope's visit to European Parliament" has not been corrected, edited or verified by Demotix and is the raw text submitted by the photojournalist. All views and opinions expressed are that of the independent photojournalist and do not represent the views of Demotix Ltd. These details have been included in order to provide as much information as possible to the Media buyer. Demotix reserves the right to pursue unauthorised users of this content. If you violate our intellectual property you may be liable >>>

Baring breasts in St. Peter’s Square: Femen activists protest Pope Francis

The archbishop who chairs the board of Catholic Relief Services says the charity is taking a “close look” at its partnerships and affiliations to ensure fidelity to Catholic teaching. But some of the organization’s leading critics are concerned the new protocols are not going far enough to address the “scandal” that has enveloped the organization. CRS, the bishops’ international relief organization, has been the subject of ongoing criticism for many of its partnerships and continued funding of organizations operating in conflict with Church teaching, with some >>>

Femen ladies in leather skirts protest at Vatican – boobs and all

Three members of the group showed up wearing nothing but leather mini-skirts, flowers in their hair and lettering on their bare chests to protest an upcoming visit by Pope Francis to the European Parliament. Police quickly intervened as the women got down on all fours and feigned intercourse with crucifixes. According to a statement on the group's website, the Femen protest was against the "One woman bore the words "The Pope is not a politician" on her bosom. Pope Francis will visit the European Parliament on November 25 in Strasbourg, where he intends to speak with delegates. Femen's >>>

Vatican: Topless Femen Protestors Simulate Sex With Crucifixes While Decrying …

Three topless Femen demonstrators have been dragged away from St. Peter's Square after simulating anal sex with crucifixes in a protest against the Pope outside the Vatican.  The women crouched on all fours and re-enacted sex with crosses while shouting anti-papal remarks including "a world without religion, a parliament without a pope" and "god is not a magician, pope is not a politician". It is thought the women, who had "the pope is not a politician" daubed across their breasts, were protesting against Pope Francis' planned visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg >>>