Femen leader points to ‘Russian fingerprints’ in recent attacks on group’s …

The leader of the Femen women's rights group, Hanna Hutsol, has said she believes that recent attempts to intimidate members of the organization in Kyiv are being made by the secret services, both Russian and Ukrainian, and are related to a visit to Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill.

"This is the continuation of the intimidation of the Femen movement, actions aimed at preventing the protests against the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Gundyaev… I can confidently state, on behalf of the entire movement, that it is the work of Russian secret services, along with Ukrainian security services and the Interior Ministry," she said in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

She said that those who attacked and beat her up "resemble those cooperating with secret services." In addition, she also spoke about such a similarity with respect to the beating of one of the movement's activists, Viktor Sviatsky.

"Maybe these are not SBU employees, but it was done with their tacit consent. Perhaps, this is the work of Russian and Ukrainian special services. Russian fingerprints can be seen here," Hutsol said.

She also said she doubted that the persons responsible for the attacks would be identified and called to account.

"I don't believe it. But we're appealing to the police, because it's a criminal case," she said.

Femen said earlier that three of their activists and a Russian photographer were attacked, beaten up and abducted on July 27.

Kyiv police said that a patrol car on Obolonsky Avenue had noticed three "wandering naked" girls and a young man with a camera. The police officers tried to caution them because of their improper form of dress, but they did not respond.

As a result, three Femen representatives and a young man were taken to the Obolonsky district department of police. Obolonsky District Court fined all of them.

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