Putin in Ukraine: Femen Activist Victor Svyatski Gets ‘Warning Beating’


Victor Svyatski

This is the shocking image of Femen support Victor Svyatski after a brutal beating left his head swollen and bloody.

Hardly able to open his eyes because of all the blood, Femen activist Svyastski poses for an image to show the treatment meted out to him.

The activist, who is a 'political scientist' for the radical feminist group, was attacked in Ukraine capital Kyiv. 

It happened on the eve of a visit to the country by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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Nobody has claimed responsibility for the assault, but Femen claim police at the scene hinted it was the work of the State services.

Unconfirmed reports on Femen's official website reported police officers calling the incident: "the work of professionals, with the purpose of intimidating," 

Putin has overseen the jailing of members of radical group Pussy Riot for carrying out eye-catching protests against the establishment.

Victor Svyatski before attack

Describing Putin as the "old enemy" Femen claimed the timing of the attack pointed to official involvement. It called the violence against Svyatski, "attempted murder."

A statement on Femen's website in broken English said Svyastski was: "beaten up and threatened in the same way with the activists of the movement in the case of attempts to interfere the upcoming post-Soviet dictators's mass celebrations."

Femen are famous for eye-catching protests in which activists strip off their clothes and bare their breasts. Provocative slogans on their bodies often rail against the establishment and tradition.

Femen targeted Putin earlier this down

Targeted this year has been the Vatican City and also France. Last month, three Femen protesters stole in to a muslim building in Stockholm, Sweden, to bare their cleavages in front of shock worshippers.

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