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15 September 2014, 14:22

Russian Foreign Ministry calls a "mockery of common sense" discharge of the Femen activists for their action in Notre Dame de Paris

Moscow, September 15, Interfax - The Russian Foreign Ministry officials do not doubt politically motivated character of the decision of the Paris Court that acquitted members of the Femen group involved in the hooligan action in the Notre Dame de Paris.

"We paid attention to "the not guilty verdict" of the Paris court in relation to the Femen participants who arranged a hooligan action in the Notre Dame de Paris in February 2013 and its politically motivated character does not cause any doubts," commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Information and Press Department reads.

The Smolenskaya Square officials believe "the French court ignored the values of religious devotees for the sake of political expediency, while churchgoers were surely appalled by the desecration of one of France's most venerated cathedrals."

"At the same time, as a mockery of common sense, the court fined the church security guards, who were found guilty in using excessive force in halting the Femen activists' protest" the Foreign Ministry officials say in their statement.

"And what else can we expect of the French judicial system if they chose notorious leader of provocateurs Inna Shevchenko as Marianna - symbol of republican France in 2013," Russian diplomatic officials note.

Moscow pointed out to the double standards, reminding about events in Ukraine in connection with verdict on the Femen case.

"It is a twist of fate. Those in French and Western establishment who do not see evident facts - intrusion and desecration of religious shrines - louder than others, without any proofs, cry about Russia's mythical invasion of Ukraine. Here is the double book-keeping," the Russian Foreign Ministry say.

As was reported, on September 10, the Paris court decided to discharge nine Femen activists who were accused of damaging the Notre Dame de Paris bell during their action in 2013. At the same time, the judge decided to fine for €250, €300 and €500 the cathedral security guards for using excessive force against the girls while detaining them.

The scandal action was held on February 2013, the day after Pope Benedict XVI abdicated the See. Traditionally semi-nude girls came to the cathedral and started banging on the bell with wooden sticks crying "No more Pope!" "Bye-bye Benedict," "No to homophobia."

The Prosecutor accused the girls of damaging the bell and asked to fine each of them for €1,500. However, the activists said that they had wrapped the sticks in felt and could not damage the bell.

The judge said that the prosecution did not have enough evidence of the Femen activists guilt.

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