The new variety of protest

Gone are the days where protest is equivalent to standing on the street, call slogans and uphold the banner was. While there is of course still the old demo, but also various forms of protest culture have established themselves. Nude activists of the Femen group are probably the best-known example, but there are also quite a few others. We present nine of them.

Sex boycott

Like Femen also this idea comes from the Ukraine. “Don’t do it with a Russian” the campaign, which is popular on Facebook of growing in popularity is called. The initiative is not racist, it a matter of “Your dignity, your freedom, your motherland” simply not to give up, as with initiator Irena Karpa said. The Group sold also T-Shirts. The proceeds will go to Ukrainian soldiers.


Scientology became the first and so far the most famous victim of this protest. The idea is simple: tons of pizza be ordered to the address of the victim, then of course must take over the Bill. Alternatively, taxis to the address of the “chosen one” be ordered also en masse. The result is this idea in the context of the hacker group “Anonymous”.

Online petitions

Who does not know it: to sign emails and Facebook messages with the prompt for this or for that. “Avaaz” probably is the currently most popular tool to spread online petitions. However, the most recent example comes from Austria: some 140,000 people have signed already on the Web site of the Parliament for the establishment of a Committee of inquiry related to the bankruptcy of Hypo Alpe Adria Bank.


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