Topless Femen Activist Group Fail To Impress Swedish Fans

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Rezwana Matin | Jun 19, 2012 4:22pm EDT | 2min:07sec

Swedish fans were not sure what to make of the spontaneous strip-tease by two women from the feminist Ukrainian group, but most did not comprehend that the protest was meant to drive home a women's-rights political message.

About one million foreign tourists were expected in Ukraine for Euro 2012. Femen activists said the European championship, which Ukraine was co-hosting with Poland, was a magnet for sex tourists; one of the group's main targets - and fed the country's booming sex industry.

Swedish fans at the "Swedish Corner", the area of the Kyiv fan zone, where thousands have gathered to drink beer and rally before Group D matches, booed and jeered at the topless activists. After one activist was pulled from atop a table by a Swedish fan, security personnel quickly grabbed the women and escorted them to police officers waiting just outside the zone.

Swedish fan Christian said, in theory, Europeans could appreciate a protest against sex tourism and other abuses, but Femen's tactics were counter-productive.

"To be honest, you know, I mean, if you see the guys here, if the girls show off topless, it will just gets the positive attention. I'm not really sure that they got the message through. I think that maybe some of the guys were just happy to see the topless girls. And I don't think that was the intention by the girls," Christian said

. Femen regularly stages bare-breast protests in Ukraine - and sometimes beyond - to highlight what it sees as political injustice, social abuse and the exploitation of women in Ukraine.

Femen often stages bare breast protest in Ukraine and sometimes beyond, to highlight policital injustice, social abuse and exploitation of Ukrainian women.


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