Topless protester ambushes former Tunisian president’s speech

A Femen protester rushes onto the stage during a speech by the former PM of Tunisia in Montreal, June 1, 2013. (Photo courtesy Nina-Michele le Floch)

MONTREAL -- A topless female protester disrupted a speech by the former prime minister of Tunisia in Montreal on Saturday.

Xenia Chernyshova, 26, who is a member of the feminist group, Femen, said she wanted to raise awareness of the imprisonment of a fellow Femen activist, Amina Tyler, who is detained in Tunisia.

Tyler scandalized extremists in her country in March by posting Facebook photos with the words "my body belongs to me" scrawled across her naked chest.

Hamadi Jebali, the former Tunisian president and current secretary general of a Tunisian Islamic political party, had barely begun his speech when Chernyshova interrupted him.

She tore off her T-shirt to reveal the words "Femen everywhere" written on her chest.

She screamed several times: "Freedom for Amina!"

Jebali, who spoke in front of about 75 people, remained calm as Chernyshova shouted at him.

QMI Agency witnessed several men holding back others who wanted to hit the protester.

Femen started in Ukraine in 2010 and has gained notoriety around the world for its "topless commandos" of young bare-breasted women who disrupt political events.

Last week, a court convicted Tyler for carrying an "incendiary object" and fined her $182.


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