Ukrainian guards get makeover for the beautiful game


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As the paint dries on Ukraine’s football stadiums ahead of Euro 2012, the finishing touches are also being applied to the country’s border guards, but only the female ones..

Ukrainian authorities have decided the first faces visitors to the country see should be beautiful ones.

One of the young women getting ‘relooked’ at Kyiv’s main airport said: “We won’t be receiving this treatment on a daily basis, but I always try to make myself look decent. We’re the first to greet airline passengers and the last to say goodbye, so we have to look our best.”

Officials at Kyiv’s main airport arranged for a team of experts to give the passport inspectors a makeover masterclass.

Stylist Andrei Yudin said: “Even without any make-up they look astonishing. I just do it for the sake of touching a beautiful face one more time.”

It is not clear to what extent the guards’ male counterparts will be expected to keep up their appearances, or what the Ukrainian-based Femen feminist group makes of the idea.

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