Ukrainian women rage against Indian prostitute ‘slur’


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  • France considers prostitution crackdown 07/12/2011 07:21 CET
  • Topless protest in Ukraine 27/09/2011 19:02 CET

Feminist activists braved freezing temperatures in Kyiv in a protest against a report that Indian authorities are to scrutinise Ukrainian visa applications as part of a crackdown on immigrant prostitution.

Members of the FEMEN group, who have gained international notoriety with their topless protests, scaled the balcony of the Indian Cultural Centre in Kyiv.

Activist Oleskandra Shevchenko said: “Ukrainian women are not prostitutes…we’ve been fighting this image. Shame on India for trying to insult us this way.” She also lashed out at Ukrainian leaders for what she said was their failure to respond to the Indian move.

The women also turned their anger on the residence of the Indian ambassador in the capital, striking the door with the pole from an Indian flag.

It has been reported that Indian consular officials have been told to screen visa applications from women aged between 15 and 40 from several eastern Euroepan countries.

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The mission of the "FEMEN" movement is to create the most favourable conditions for the young women to join up into a social group with the general idea of the mutual support and social responsibility, helping to reveal the talents of each member of the movement.

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