Lukashenko on Russia, EU, FEMEN, kickbacks and soccer players who pooped …

The head of the Belarusian state started by saying that in the contemporary turbulent world Belarus and Russia cannot survive without one another.

Then Alexander Lukashenko named pros and cons of the Union State of Russia and Belarus noting almost absolute consonance between the countries, pointing out however that Belarus is a bit more severe than Russia when it comes to the domestic policy.   

Later Belarus’ President confessed that he is not a big pro in agriculture even though he has worked in the countryside for quite a long time and more so he grew up in a village.

The head of the state complained that even though there are political parties in Belarus people do not know about them and he promised not to hinder from establishing and registration of new parties.

As for the last year devaluation the Belarusian leader blamed it all on the Common Economic Space of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan and in exchange of Belarusian oil refineries he demanded Russia to provide access to its oil and gas reservoirs.

The construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus continued the topic of energy resources, the decision of which was “very, very hard” for the President.     

The Belarusian soccer players got the biggest treatment from the President, whose loss to Spain with the score 0:4 he called a shame for the country and did not scruple to throw a few harsh words.

The President of Belarus also stated that the country needs good managers with the experience from the USSR times but he didn’t forget to praise the young and ambitious managers.

 In the middle of the press conference the head of the state remembered how the activists of the Ukrainian Movement FEMEN held their “naked” action complaining that “naked women from Ukraine don’t have the breasts like I do.”

On the tip from one of the journalist nostalgic about the Soviet Union, the Belarusian leader went back to the USSR topic saying that he is “far from Lenin and Stalin” and that he “still has to go a long way to match them.”

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko doesn’t mind the migration of Russian to Belarus however he expressed a concern about Russian riches moving to Belarus.

As for the Europeans the President of Belarus was not that merciful. He accused the EU of double standards and said that because of Belarus’ respond to the sanctions they have filled Polish concentration camps with Caucasians, Chechens and Afghans.

The head of the state told the Russian journalists that in Belarus one can freely criticize officials and the media and how one rich Russian gave him a supercar Maybach, with which the driver asked him not to go to Kommunarka.

After that Alexander Lukashenko attacked unscrupulous Russian oligarchs with the emotional critics, one of which, as was said, offered him a kickback of $5 billion for a discount on Belaruskali. He also gave his opinion on privatization and private property, summing up with speculation on differences in Belarusian and Russian mentalities.

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