The top tweeters on the post-Soviet world – news

Whether it’s staying on top of the latest developments in Ukraine, analysis of Russia’s political machinations, or the newest Femen campaign, Twitter is invaluable for monitoring news from the post-Soviet region.

It's almost impossible to condense the best tweeters from 15
countries into a short list, but we've made a start on our our pick of regional experts tweeting on breaking news, mostly in English.

This is the first in a series of pieces from the New East network on social media in the post-Soviet region and who to follow, which is also available as a Twitter list.

Who have we missed? Tell us in the comments below and we'll add the best suggestions to the list. If you have any problems posting, or you’d rather do so anonymously, please email

Dmitri Trenin @DmitriTrenin

Editor of Eurasia Outlook, a blog hosted by @CarnegieRussia, one of our partners on the New East network.

Joanna Lillis @joannalillis

Journalist reporting on central Asia, based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Critically-ill rights activist freed in #Uzbekistan after 8 years in 'living hell' jail v @hrw @steveswerdlow

— Joanna Lillis (@joannalillis) June 6, 2014

David Trilling @dtrilling

Central Asia editor for @EurasiaNet, one of our partners on the New East network.

Joshua Kucera @joshuakucera

Writes about international news, foreign policy, geopolitics, military with a specific focus on post-Soviet states. Runs @TheBugPit blog, focused on military and security Central Asia and Caucasus.

Howard Amos @howardamos

Reporter based in Russia, contributor to the Guardian.

Christopher Miller @ChristopherJM

Editor at @KyivPost Ukraine’s leading English-language newspaper, and correspondent for @Mashable. Also follow @KyivPost_Photo.

Daniel Sandford @BBCDanielS

The Moscow Correspondent for BBC News. Also follow @BBCRussian and Rafael Saakov, @RSaantiBBC for tweets in Russian

Max Seddon @maxseddon

Foreign affairs reporter for @BuzzFeed, based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Glenn Kates @gkates

Digital editor for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty @RFERL. Covering Russia, Ukraine, eastern Europe, Balkans and Caucasus. Also follow @Deana_Kjuka.

The Baltic Times @thebaltictimes

An independent newspaper covering the latest political, economic, business and cultural news in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Central Asian News @CANews_org

Official Twitter of AKIpress, part of the Central Asian News Service. Tweeting updates from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

And the Guardian team

Starting with our Moscow correspondent, Shaun Walker @shaunwalker7:

Other Guardian staff reporting from the region include: Luke Harding (@lukeharding1968), the Guardian's former Moscow correspondent, recently returned from Ukraine. Mark-Rice Oxley (@markriceoxley69) who is just back from a recent trip to Belarus, to report on life after 20 years under the rule of Alexander Lukashenko. Alec Luhn (@ASLuhn), formerly of the Moscow Times, and Harriet Salem (@HarrietSalem) who focuses on Russia, Ukraine and the Balkans.

And don’t forget to follow the @GuardianNewEast on twitter, and the team behind it – Judith Soal (@judithsoal), Enjoli Liston (@enjoli), and Maeve Shearlaw (@maeveshearlaw).

Follow our partners

@EurasiaNet for news and analysis from Russia, central Asia, the Caucasus; @CarnegieRussia for expert research and non-partisan analysis on Russia and the region – also follow @CarnegieEndow and @CarnegieRu for tweets in Russian; @PaulGoble1, American analyst and former policy adviser, who writes Window on Eurasia; @CaucasianKnotEn for news and analysis from the Caucasus.

@TransitionsMag (Transitions Online), a non-profit organisation established to strengthen independent news media in the post-communist countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union; @Interpreter_Mag, a special project of @InModernRussia, for Russian news translated into English and current affairs; @calvertjournal offers "a guide to creative Russia" and @russiamagazine, which covers contemporary Russian art and culture.

For the latest on Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, follow @BNNNEWSCOM (Baltic News Network).

@charter97org a pro-opposition news website focussing on Belarus, @BelarusDigest offers non-partisan analysis of politics and human rights, and Belarus in Focus tweeting @solidarityBY.

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