Femen: The schizophrenic dictator admitted kidnapping the activists


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The Ukrainian feminists responded to Lukashenka.

Lukashenka is involved in the kidnapping of the Ukrainians from the feminist movement Femen in at the end of last year. This is stated in the organization’s statement responding to yesterday’s criticism of the feminists from Ukraine by the Belarusian ruler, bagnet.org reports.

“The schizophrenic dictator publicly admitted his involvement in the kidnapping of the Femen activists in Belarus on 19 December 2011. Lukashenka blabbed that out during his press-conference for Russian regional media in Minsk on 16 October 2012. In his brilliant manner, filled with “effervescent humor” and folklore locutions, the dictator shared the KGB experience in the fight with Femen activists and offered his expert services to V.Putin. The orator called the urge towards “bombing, putting to prison, chopping etc.” a “deep fault” and suggested his Russian colleague not to “swallow the fish hook – not to beat the tails, but better stop it far away”, - the organization’s statement says.

We would remind that on 19 December 2011 in a number of Ukrainian and foreign media the information appeared that Femen activists were kidnapped by Belarusian special services after an anti-Lukashenka protest action neat the KGB headquarters in Minsk. It was reported, that the activists underwent moral and physical tortures and in 24 hours were left in a forest near Gomel close to the Belarus-Ukraine border.

“The dictator’s establishment in the person of the KGB’s head Zaitsau denied its involvement into the kidnapping of the Femen activists. Femen is urging the world community not to leave the people of Belarus alone with the aging blood thirsty paranoiac and his repressive machine. Death to the dictatorship! Long live Belarus!” – says the Femen’s statement.

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