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June 27: Put an end to crimes in Ukraine, where are FEMEN now? and more

If you won't print the whole truth no newspaper on Earth will print it. The only organization that will print it is YouTube comments.I will continue to fight for justice, by continuing to read Voice of Russia's take on the incredibly dangerous times in which we now live.Philip C. Monroe, USA* * *Where is Russia in making a statement to UN on what every nation has agreed are crimes against humanity regarding cutting water supplies, mines and other Ukraine atrocities? Ukraine should be defended against this. Putin's speech reeked of sugary diplomacy about the Austrian/Russia proposed pipeline. >>>

Topless protest at cathedral

    TWO topless Femen women activists have chained themselves to a church crucifix. The Almudena Cathedral served as political stage for a new Femen protest in Spain. Two topless activists decided to chain themselves to a large crucifix located in the church’s altar. Wearing black skirts and crowns, the women walked to the altar, chained themselves and bared their torso. “Freedom for the right to abort” was written in black letters across their chests. They also started shouting “Abortion is sacred” and “Abortion is illegal, let’s take the altar” Dozens of worshipers and >>>

The top tweeters on the post-Soviet world – news

Whether it’s staying on top of the latest developments in Ukraine, analysis of Russia’s political machinations, or the newest Femen campaign, Twitter is invaluable for monitoring news from the post-Soviet region. It's almost impossible to condense the best tweeters from 15 countries into a short list, but we've made a start on our our pick of regional experts tweeting on breaking news, mostly in English. This is the first in a series of pieces from the New East network on social media in the post-Soviet region and who to follow, which is also available as a Twitter list. >>>

Femen Strikes at the Heart of Vladimir Putin

The ladies of Femen, the fiercely feminist activist group known for topless protests, have apparently adopted a new role model: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Today they violently thrust a stake into the heart of Russian President Vladimir Putin, saving the world once and for all from “the Kremlin’s Dracula.” Only it was a wax version of him. Members of Femen charged into the Musée Grévin in Paris this morning and attacked wax Putin where he stood alongside figures of President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Kill Putin! Ukraine has to be free!” the activists cry on their official >>>

Kitty Green talks Ukraine is Not a Brothel; film to make Aus premiere at SFF

  Kitty Green talks Ukraine is Not a Brothel; film to make Aus premiere at SFF [Wed 04/06/2014 2:31 PM] By Emily Blatchford Kitty Green’s debut feature documentary Ukraine is not a Brothel will make its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival this month after making headlines in Venice last year. The film focusses on the topless feminist movement Femen; a discovery Green made whilst travelling through the Ukraine years ago. “I’m from Melbourne but my Grandma is Ukrainian, >>>

Facebook deletes FEMEN movement’s account without any explanation

"For the first time, the Facebook administration accused FEMEN in 'propagation of pornography'; this time it didn't explain the reason," the statement published on FEMEN's website says.FEMEN's representatives think that the administration of Facebook has decided to do this as a result of the growing popularity of "the international movement against censorship of women's breasts on the Internet.""Women's nudity has always been considered as a symbol of freedom and an encroachment upon it, is equal to the encroachment upon rights and freedoms of a human," FEMEN says.FEMEN is a Ukrainian feminism >>>

Leading Femen: The Topless Protesters

Femen leader Inna Shevchenko on a life of resistance which started as a teenager in Ukraine and led to exile in Paris, from where she organises protests in eleven countries.

Also, Afghan boxer Ajmal Faizy fled the Taliban and found a new life in the north of England, where he lives with the family of his trainer Barry Higginson.

And Liina Viira, the Estonian fashion designer who has been inspired by folk costumes to create new styles which combine traditional and modern.

Photo: Patrick Kovarik/AFP/Getty Images.

Via: bbc.co.uk

Fake "Feminists" of Femen Participated in the Odessa Massacre

Fake “Feminists” of Femen Participated in the Odessa Massacre by Steven Argue Femen is known for bold and visually striking topless protests across Europe and North Africa. Often regarded as a feminist organization, the fact that they were started and was run by a man, Victor Svyatski, is less well known. He has recently been ousted from the leadership, but as Femen is his brainchild, he still worth looking at. Also less well known are Femen’s ties to the anti-woman Ukrainian neo-Nazi movement. Kitty Green, a former Femen activist, describes Victor Svyatski's as the leader of the group, >>>

Hot Docs Review: ‘Ukraine Is Not A Brothel’

“The world sees our country as one big brothel. Tourists come here to find whores. We believe that we need to protest against this ... [so] the world sees Ukraine as a country where naked girls protest, not sell their bodies.” Those are the words of Sasha, the ostensible protagonist of Kitty Green’s bold, insightful documentary “Ukraine is Not a Brothel.” A film about FEMEN, a collective Wikipedia describes, with typical Wiki short-sightedness, as “an exhibitionist feminist protest group founded in Ukraine in 2008,” the documentary is one of the most notable >>>

Filmmaker Kitty Green on exposing Femen

Jian speaks with Australian filmmaker Kitty Green about her experience interviewing members of the controversial Ukrainian protest group Femen. The feminist organization, perhaps best known for its topless activism, was the subject of Green's new documentary Ukraine is Not a Brothel. The film reveals unsettling details about the group's early days under the leadership of a man named Victor Svyatski. It was a revelation that troubled Green as she watched Svyatski, whom she described as "an egomaniac," scream at the young women and enforce rules preventing less attractive >>>