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Polish NGOs intervened on behalf of FEMEN activists

Polish NGOs have made a statement concerning the abduction of activists from FEMEN, a Ukrainian organization. The statement expresses a definite protest against the violent act committed against the Ukrainian activists of the women movement FEMEN. Representatives of the Polish NGOs demand immediate investigation and holding accountable those who are responsible to this crime. The statement has been signed by the Working group on Belarus at the Zagranica Group, the Stefan Batory Foundation, “Education for Democracy” foundation, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, the Other Space Foundation >>>

Topless protesters ‘abducted and beaten’ in Belarus

A Ukrainian woman who dared to hold a topless protest outside the headquarters of Belarus's feared KGB has told how she and her colleagues were abducted by security agents and subjected to a terrifying ordeal that included beatings, mock executions and having a corrosive substance thrown in their hair. Inna Shevchenko, an activist with the controversial Ukrainian feminist group Femen, described how masked men told her she would "breathe her final breath" as they cut up her hair with a knife and beat her for daring to protest inside the quasi-Stalinist state. The >>>

Topless protester was ‘abducted and beaten’ in Belarus

Inna Shevchenko, an activist with the controversial Ukrainian feminist group Femen, described how masked men told her she would "breathe her final breath" as they cut up her hair with a knife and beat her for daring to protest inside the quasi-Stalinist state.The 21-year-old had travelled to Belarus on 19 December with two friends to demonstrate against the ongoing crackdown by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko. In a country where insulting the dignity of the president is a criminal offence, the trio stripped to their waists and put on fake moustaches to lampoon Mr Lukashenko, who is often described >>>

Femen warns of new protests in Belarus

English   Ukraine's feminist group Femen is determined to hold more anti-Lukashenka protests in Belarus despite the ordeal of three activists who were abducted in Minsk and terrorized earlier this week. "We have not regretted our decision to travel to Belarus for a single second despite what happened to us there," Inna Shevchenko told reporters in Kyiv on December 21. "We promise that we will continue coming [to Belarus], undress and defeat the Lukashenka regime," the young woman said. Ms. Shevchenko was one of the three activists who were >>>

Neo-Nazis deny involvement in alleged abduction of Femen activists

English   The Belarusian branch of Russia`s ultra-nationalist Russian National Unity ("RNE") has denied involvement in the alleged abduction of three activists of Ukraine`s feminist group Femen following their topless protest in front of the KGB headquarters in central Minsk on Monday. In a statement issued on its website late on Wednesday, the group dismissed the allegation, made by the three women at a news conference in Kyiv, as an extremely gross provocation. “Our men didn`t touch them, however strongly one may wish to present it like >>>

Belarusian and British artists support FEMEN

Belarusian and British stars expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian activists, who faced repression in Belarus. «On December 19, 2011, the Artists’ Manifesto was published. We called world leaders' attention to events in Belarus and we demanded the release of political prisoners. Today we protest against the recent abduction of four Ukranian FEMEN activists who suffered arrest, beatings, threats and humiliation at a peaceful demonstration in Belarus. The FEMEN women held a topless protest in front of the KGB headquaters in Minsk, displaying banners and shouting «Long Live Belarus». >>>

Statements by KGB and RNU: Who cheated? (Photo)

The words by the KGB chief and RNU representative about abduction of the FEMEN activists are absolutely identical. Compare the statements made by KGB chief Vadzim Zaitsau and unnamed representative of the Belarusian RNU on the website, “Nasha Niva” reports. They are absolutely identical. “Our people did not touch them whatever some choose to believe. A blatant provocation is developing and we will find out who are behind it and what they aim for.” A strange fact, the site calling itself “the official website of the Belarusian regional branch of RNU” began its work on December >>>

Topless Femen activists recount abuse by police

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KGB Releases Arrested Journalists, Topless Protesters in Belarus

Like us on Facebook In Femen's Facebook account, photos showed Shevchenko, Shachko and Nemchinova talking to reporters. The three claimed that police brought them to a forest after they were dragged away from the steps of the spy agency's headquarters. They accused Belarusian officers of humiliating them by beating them up, stripping them naked, pouring oil on them and threatening to set them on fire and cutting their hair before leaving them in the forest without clothes and their belongings. Femen's head Anna Gutsol told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the activists >>>