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The Melbourne filmmaker, the topless Ukrainian feminists and a brush with the KGB

"Despite attempts to confirm Ms Green's arrest with the local authorities, the embassy did not receive any formal notification." The Moscow embassy contacted the Belarus KGB and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an attempt to confirm the arrest, but received no official advice from them. "The embassy was then able to get through to Ms Green on her mobile phone, when she informed us she was in the process of being released and departing Belarus." Green returned to Kyiv the day after her arrest and spoke to the Femen trio about what had happened to them in the forest. "I . . . heard from the girls that >>>

Vicious Ukrainian feminists work against USA’s enemies

A scandal is brewing between Ukraine and Belarus caused by the campaign of the notorious Ukrainian women's movement FEMEN in front of the KGB building. Meanwhile, a political agenda and a clear ideological position have long been seen in the actions of the "feminists" - for the West and Tymoshenko and against Yanukovych, Russia and other opponents of the EU and the U.S. On December 28, Foreign Ministry Spokesman of Ukraine Oleg Voloshin has expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the Belarusian authorities did not investigate the abuse of the Ukrainian women by the Belarusian security officers. >>>

Belarus MIA Decided to Carefully Study FEMEN Case

Checks have been initiated by the Belarusian police. The decision to start investigation was decided on December 20, when it became known that the FEMEN activists had been found in Yelsk district of Homel voblast. The Interior Ministry also stressed that neither any one of the girls, nor the representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in Belarus had filed a claim over the crime committed against them, BelaPAN. As Telegraf previously reported, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed its dissatisfaction with nonfeasance of the Belarusian authorities to investigate into the incident with >>>

About propaganda in Belarus

Viktor MARTYNOVYCH: I have not heard anything bad about Ukraine for a long time A recent unauthorized demonstrations by the FEMEN activists near the KGB building in Belarus was a cause of appearance of publications that claimed some sort of negative attitude towards Ukraine is present in Belarus society. Let us remind that the first messages in mass media said that the employees of the State Security Committee detained three women on December 19. As the FEMEN activists stated later in their blog, the girls were tackled at the Minska railway station by the Belarus police and KGB workers, “they >>>

Yanukovich gets a proposal to recall ambassador from Belarus

Official Kyiv should show a more decisive reaction to the incident with FEMEN activists in Belarus. Roman Bezsmernty, a former ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus, expressed this opinion to “Zerkalo Nedeli”. According to him, Ukraine did nothing to prevent similar incidents with Ukrainian citizens in Belarus, though a lot could have been done. Bezsmertny thinks the Ukrainian MFA should have issued a harsh statement and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Belarus should have taken measures to find the disappeared Ukrainian citizens. Finally, Kyiv should have decrease the level of its representation >>>

FEMEN: Topless protesters will return to Belarus despite being beaten and abused

Worldwide known Ukraine-based feminist group Femen remains determined to hold more topless protests in Belarus despite being abused by the KGB officers, the activists announced. "We promise that we will continue coming to Belarus, undress and defeat the Lukashenka regime…We have not regretted our decision to travel to Belarus for a single second despite what happened to us there," Inna Shevchenko told reporters after her return to Kyiv. Schevchenko was one of the three Femen activists who were kidnapped and abused after their topless protest in front of the KGB headquarters >>>

I was tortured by KGB for topless protest at dictator

A WOMAN who dared to hold a topless protest outside the headquarters of Belarus's feared KGB has told how she and her colleagues were abducted by security agents and subjected to a terrifying ordeal.It included beatings, mock executions and having a corrosive substance thrown in their hair. Inna Shevchenko, an activist with the controversial Ukrainian feminist group Femen, described how masked men told her she would "breathe her final breath" as they cut her hair with a knife and beat her for daring to protest inside the quasi-Stalinist state. The 21-year-old had travelled from her home >>>

Euronews: Topless Activists Complain of Attack in Belarus

Ukrainian bare-chested protesters from feminist group FEMEN protested at the doorsteps of the Byelarusian KGB on 19 December 2012. They were wearing fake moustaches ''strikingly reminiscent of Lukashenko,'' and holding posters that read "Freedom for Political Prisoners" on the anniversary of a brutal crackdown on protests against president Alexander Lukashenko's controversial re-election. Later that day they were kidnapped by men in civilian clothes. "We were blindfolded and put into a bus," Iryna Shevchenko said. "Then they took us to the woods, poured oil over us, forced us to undress -- threatening >>>

The US and EU co-ordinate the fight against the Belarusian regime

23.12.2011 The U.S. and EU co-ordinate the fight against the Belarusian regime 18 13:51, — Politics Statement on Belarus “One Year Later” delivered by Ambassador Ian Kelly to the Permanent Council, Vienna. - Just three days before he died, Vaclav Havel wrote a letter to political prisoners in Belarus - Andrei Sannikov, Mikola Statkevich, Mikalaj Autukhovich, Zmitser Bandarenka, Ales Byalyatski, Zmitser Dashkevich, Eduard Lobau, and Paval Seviarynets. In is letter, former President Havel promised that he and his friends would >>>