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Nude Ukrainian Girls Make Snow Melt in Central Sofia

The first nude protest rally in Bulgaria has become a fact. The Ukrainian female rights activists known as FEMEN have staged a topless rally against domestic violence and human trafficking. Bitter cold and snow could not prevent the girls from taking off their clothes and the protest drew a crowd of onlookers on a freezing Saturday afternoon. The rally caused a traffic jam in the Sofia center because scores of passers-by, mainly males, stopped to take a snap while drivers stepped on the breaks on the slippery paving in front of the Parliament. Unlike the other countries where police would >>>

Naked Ukrainians Rally in Front of Bulgaria’s Parliament

Three members of the provocative Ukrainian female rights activists FEMEN stirred media interest big time by protesting domestic violence against women naked in front of Bulgaria's parliament. Almost totally naked, but armed with boxing gloves and red paint marks on their faces to imitate blood, the Ukrainian girls became rather violent when surrounded by – predominantly male – members of the press. As they started to deal blows left and right, the policemen guarding the region interpreted rightly their symbolic aggression and did not resort to arrests. The Ukrainans, who attracted global renown >>>

Ukrainian women go topless outside Indian embassy

Ukrainian women go topless outside Indian embassy Write Comment     |     E-Mail To a Friend     |     Facebook     |     Twitter     |     Print <!-- --> Agencies Kyiv, 21 January 2012: Four FEMEN activists staged a topless protest on the balcony of  the Indian embassy  here on Wednesday  in protest against Indian government’s  plan to block young Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh women from entering India as part of a national anti-prostitution campaign.   The >>>

Femen bares breasts over Indian visa crackdown

The site of the latest mass brassiere removal was the balcony of the Indian ambassador's residence in Kyiv. They came to protest Delhi's instructions that the embassies carefully examine visa applications from local women who are 15-40 years of age in a bid to curb the inflow of sex workers. Despite the winter nip, the four topless protesters held up banners saying “I am not a prostitute,” “Ukraine is not a brothel” and “Delhi, close your brothels.” “The problem of prostitution in India is not dependent on women from Ukraine, Russia or Kazakhstan. It is directly linked with criminal >>>

Topless Protest In Ukraine Against Indian Embassy

Subscribe to India TV News Visit this group COMMENTS|SUBSCRIBE Kyiv, Jan 20: Four FEMEN activists staged a topless protest on the balcony of  the Indian embassy  here on Wednesday  in protest against Indian government's  plan to block young Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh women from entering India as part of a national anti-prostitution campaign.The topless activists, partially clad in Indian clothes, used a ladder to climb the Indian embassy’s balcony and unfurled banners saying "Ukrainians are not prostitutes!", "Delhi, close your brothels," and "We >>>

WATCH: Topless Protesters At Indian Envoy In Kyiv

Members of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen protested at the Indian envoy in Kyiv this week over policies adopted by India when granting visas to Eastern European women.  The Calcutta Telegraph reports that the protesters were angry at advice Indian embassies were given when received visa applications from women aged between 15 and 40-years-old from Ukraine, Russia and the Central Asian republics. The advice apparently ordered officials to inquire carefully into what the purpose of the women's visits to India, implying that the country wanted to clamp down on sex workers coming >>>

Naked Ukrainians FEMEN to Protest Home Violence in Bulgaria

Provocative Ukrainian female rights activists FEMEN are coming to Bulgarian capital Sofia Saturday to protest domestic violence against women and children and human trafficking. The Ukrainans, who attracted global renown by staging intelligent and controversial protest actions while almost naked, say they have data that 1 in 4 Bulgarian women has been subjected to violence at home. At the same time, the first ever guilty verdict for domestic violence in Bulgaria has been issued as late as end of 2011, argue FEMEN. The Ukraine activists also state they have good reasons to believe that the number >>>

FEMEN: “Lie on your hockey sticks, no ice hockey championship in Belarus”

Activists of Ukrainian group FEMEN support the demands to move ice hockey world championship from Belarus to any country respecting human rights. “We launch a campaign “lie on your hockey sticks”. We hold details in secret so far, but will be an ambitious campaign, painful and unpleasant for Belarusian officials. We will do our best to inform the world community about the events in Belarus. There will be no ice hockey championship in Belarus,” movement head Anna Gutsol told BelaPAN. Gutsol said commenting on the refusal of Yelsk police to open a criminal case over an incident with >>>

FEMEN: There’re No Police Checks in Belarus

"Such a response indicates that the law enforcement and intelligence agencies were directly involved in the activists' kidnapping and violence. They have no right to say that the facts have not been confirmed," "ERB" quoted Anna Gutsol. According to the head of the Ukrainian feminists, none "of the Belarusian police officers interrogated our girls after those events." "They have information that the girls were psychologically traumatized. There is evidence that these events really took place!" said Anna Gutsol. According to her, FEMEN had no doubt over the possible outcome. Therefore, the >>>

Ukraine’s Femen to campaign for moving 2014 world hockey championship from Belarus

English   Ukraine's feminist group Femen has launched a campaign for stripping Belarus of the right to host the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship. When reached by BelaPAN on Thursday, Femen leader Hanna Hutsol declined to speak in detail about the campaign but warned that "it will be powerful, it will be uncomfortable and painful for Belarusian government officials." "We will do our utmost to make the world public know what is happening in Belarus. There will be no world hockey championship in Belarus," she promised. Three Femen activists >>>