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FEMEN: There’re No Police Checks in Belarus

"Such a response indicates that the law enforcement and intelligence agencies were directly involved in the activists' kidnapping and violence. They have no right to say that the facts have not been confirmed," "ERB" quoted Anna Gutsol. According to the head of the Ukrainian feminists, none "of the Belarusian police officers interrogated our girls after those events." "They have information that the girls were psychologically traumatized. There is evidence that these events really took place!" said Anna Gutsol. According to her, FEMEN had no doubt over the possible outcome. Therefore, the >>>

Ukraine’s Femen to campaign for moving 2014 world hockey championship from Belarus

English   Ukraine's feminist group Femen has launched a campaign for stripping Belarus of the right to host the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship. When reached by BelaPAN on Thursday, Femen leader Hanna Hutsol declined to speak in detail about the campaign but warned that "it will be powerful, it will be uncomfortable and painful for Belarusian government officials." "We will do our utmost to make the world public know what is happening in Belarus. There will be no world hockey championship in Belarus," she promised. Three Femen activists >>>

Topless Ukraine activists protest at Indian embassy

New Delhi: Four activists belonging to a women's group in Ukraine went topless at the Indian embassy in Kyiv to protest New Delhi's alleged plan to block Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh women from entering India as part of a national anti-prostitution campaign. The topless activists climbed the Indian embassy's balcony and unfurled banners that said, "Ukrainians are not prostitutes!", "Delhi, close your brothels" and "We demand apologies". The women belonged to Femen, a Ukrainian protest group based in Kyiv, which became internationally known for organizing topless protests against sex tourists, >>>

Belarus MIA: FEMEN Statements Not Proved out

Checks were initiated by the Interior Ministry in December 2011, when the FEMEN activists' statements that they'd been detained by the Interior Ministry employees, then taken to the woods in Homel voblast, beaten and abused there. In January, the investigation was extended for a more thorough study of the circumstances of the accident. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry notes that none of the three FEMEN girls, participated in the rally in Minsk, as well as the representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in Belarus, filed any applications on a crime committed against the girls. Ukraine's Foreign >>>

Femen activists go topless against new India visa rules (Video)

Ukrainian feminist group Femen isn’t pleased with India’s latest decision to tighten visa application screening for women aged 15-40, introduced as a measure attempting to curb the inflow of sex workers. Despite the frosty temperature of minus five degrees Celsius, Femen activists braved to once again speak up their mind in their usual way – by topless protest. On a cold winter day four young women occupied the balcony of the Indian residence in Kyiv, and protested against the move they see as “an insult for all women”. “We are not prostitutes”, the bare breasted >>>

Ukraine quartet go topless in visa protest

Femen activists protest in front of the residence of the Indian ambassador in Kyiv on Wednesday. (Reuters) New Delhi, Jan. 18: Four young Ukrainian women braved sub-zero temperatures today to go topless and climb the balcony of the Indian envoy’s residence in Kyiv with placards pronouncing “Ukraine is not a bordello” and “We are not prostitutes”. The quartet from Femen, a group famous for topless protests against everything from sex tourism >>>

Ria Novosti: Femen bares breasts over Indian visa crackdown

Ukraine abroad Pravda.ru: Euro-2012 championship to cause $8 billion of losses to Ukraine Yesterday at 11:33 Ukraine abroad Vaccine News Daily: Measles outbreak hits Ukraine Yesterday at 10:25 Ukraine abroad Euronews: Wearing ‘Free Yulia’ T-shirts, EU lawmakers urge Schulz to visit jailed Tymoshenko 2 days ago at 20:42 Ukraine abroad RAPSI: Ukraine closes one criminal case against Tymoshenko 2 days ago at 15:43 Ukraine abroad RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty: Ukrainian >>>

Femen Bares Breasts over Indian Visa Crackdown

Members of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen bared their breasts once more on Wednesday, this time to protest India's crackdown on visas for sex workers at its embassies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The site of the latest mass brassiere removal was the balcony of the Indian ambassador's residence in Kyiv. They came to protest Delhi's instructions that the embassies carefully examine visa applications from local women who are 15-40 years of age in a bid to curb the inflow of sex workers. Despite the winter nip, the four topless protesters held up banners saying “I am not a prostitute,” >>>

Ukrainian women rage against Indian prostitute ‘slur’

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Anti-brothel striptease: Topless activists target Indian embassy

Four FEMEN activists have undressed at the Indian embassy in Kyiv in protest against the country’s plan to block young Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh women from entering India as part of a national anti-prostitution campaign. The topless activists, partially clad in Indian clothes, used a ladder to climb the Indian embassy’s balcony and unfurled banners saying “Ukrainians are not prostitutes!”, “Delhi, close your brothels,” and “We demand apologies.”The protesters waved Indian flags and knocked on the embassy’s doors and windows – until detained by security guards and taken >>>